POP 88 #44 – DJ PLo’s Non-Stop Trance Remix

You’ll notice I sound a bit different in this episode. In fact, I’ve got a guest DJ who kindly asked if he could mix this episode for me. And seeing as how I haven’t exactly learned how to spin, virtual or otherwise, it probably would be something fun and different for you all to listen to.

Please welcome DJ PLo from KSCU 103.3FM in Santa Clara who can also be heard at OMGKPOP.com Wednesday Evenings 9pm PST. Leave him some love in the comments and check out his site.

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1) Baby When the Light – David Guetta (extended mix)
2) Nobody (vs David Guetta) – WonderGirls [Alikstae Mashup]
3) Lucifer (Robotaki Remix) – SHINee
4) Lucifer [Ah!Rex!Re!Mix!] (Epic length) – SHINee
5) Bbi Ri Bba Bba [DJ AMAYA VS GROOVEBOT REMIX] – Narsha
6) Clap (Gsweet Remix) – Teen Top
7) Again & Again – 2PM
8) Don’t Forget – Beak Ji Young
9) Run For Your Life (Kaskade Remix) – Koda Kumi
10) Queen (areia remix) – Son Dambi
11) Black Engine Hold On (vs Bob Sinclair) [Aliks Remix] – Jang Keun Suk
12) Human After All – Daft Punk
13) Super Heroes – Daft Punk
14) Rock n’ Roll – Daft Punk

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