Winners from the 8Asians ‘Harry Potter 7, Part 1’ Prize Package Giveaway

If you haven’t been paying attention to 8Asians on Facebook, then you might have missed the announcement of our 8Asians ‘Harry Potter’ Prize Package Giveaway.

In anticipation of the upcoming Harry Potter film, we’re going to be releasing a new trivia question every few days or so– until we run out of prizes. You can enter every time a new question is posted; check the original post for complete details on the rules and how to enter.

I will not be making a new post on the main 8Asians blog every time the question changes, so keep checking back to the contest page or follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook if you want to see if there’s a new chance to win!

Here are the correct answers to the trivia questions:
Question #1) One of Harry Potter’s love interests, Cho Chang, is presumably from what heritage background? Chinese

Question #2) The Leithifold, a carnivorous beast can be found on what Asian Island? Papua New Guinea

Question #3) Why did Quidditch never catch on within the majority of Asia? Magic carpets are the main source of flying transport.

Question #4) The Occamy, two legged serpentine-bodied creature with wings is native to what South Asian country? India

Congratulations to the Winners:

  1. Paul L. (Correctly answered Question #1)
  2. Evelina (Correctly answered Question #1)
  3. Cherry (Correctly answered Question #1)
  4. Oni (Correctly answered Question #2)
  5. Jacob (Correctly answered Question #2)
  6. Wendy Chunk (Correctly answered Question #2)
  7. Klara Kim (Correctly answered Question #3)
  8. Kao (Correctly answered Question #3)
  9. Simon Tam (Correctly answered Question #3)
  10. Lucy (Correctly answered Question #4)
  11. Lauren K (Correctly answered Question #4)
  12. AppleG (Correctly answered Question #4)

(The giveaway is closed. Updated as of 12/3/2010, 2:30pm Pacific)

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