The Amazing Race’s Michael & Kevin Eliminated

This past Sunday, Michael & Kevin on The Amazing Race were eliminated. The first rule in The Amazing Race is to READ the damn clue; in segments of the St. Petersburg, Russia leg of the race, the instructions explicitly state that you had to walk and NOT take a taxi. One team made the same mistakes that Michael & Kevin had made, realized it, and then re-did those parts of the race.

Michael & Kevin, even if they had realized their mistakes, might not have had enough time to double-back to correct their errors. In the last roadblock challenge, Michael had problems with mastering the Russian game known as gorodki – a bowling like game where the player throws a wooden bat at pin formations in two tries before they’re reset. It took Michael over an hour to complete the task while other teams quickly completed the task.

To be honest, Michael & Kevin were pretty lucky to get as far as they could. The team had come in last in an earlier leg of the race, but it was a non-elimination round and that their speed bump was a pretty easy task – sitting on a block of cold ice for something like five minutes. Still, I wondered how long Kevin’s father Michael could physically last with some of the challenges.

Nevertheless, it takes a lot of guts to do the race with your father. Overall, it seemed like Michael & Kevin got along a whole lot better during the race than Ronald & Christina did. Michael seemed almost as much of a goofball as his son Kevin and was able to keep up most of the time. If you want to see more of Kevin, you can always check out his YouTube channel.

Kat Chang and her teammate Nat came in first in this leg of the race and are considered the front runners to win this race given their physical strength and smarts.

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