Far East Movement’s Rocketeer Gets Covered and Covered and Covered…

“Isn’t that the Far East Movement’s Rocketeer?” I asked after the song on the radio ended.
“Yes,” replied Number One Son,  “but I like Nigahiga’s version.”

Nigahiga’s version?    They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and there is massive flattery of “Rocketeer”, as it’s been covered and covered and covered…   See some of my favorites after jump.

Here is a version by David Choi.  It’s fun to spot and look for the many “special guests” in it.

Nigahiga put together a parody of Rocketeer called “Shed a Tear” with Kevjumba and Chester See.  It has more views than the original!

I really like this sweetly lyrical version from Clara C.  The trumpet is a nice touch.

My favorite has to be this awesome one from Paul Dateh and Dawen:


I am sure that there are other good ones out there, like this one from J-Ricz and Dutch. What’s your favorite Rocketeer cover?

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