3 Minutes with Harry Shum Jr. and Stephen “tWitch” Boss

If you don’t have the attention span for a full 24 hours, how about just 3 Minutes?

This bite-sized action short features Harry Shum Jr. (Glee), Stephen “tWitch” Boss (So You Think You Can Dance) and Katrina Law (Spartacus: Blood & Sand). There’s another taste of 3 Minutes after the jump.

We all know that Shum & tWitch can dance. Did you know they can play weapon-toting badasses too? According to their Facebook Fan Page, 3 Minutes “was originally designed as a vehicle to showcase a wider range of acting skills for the two leads, Harry Shum Jr. and Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss, especially outside of the singing and dancing sphere.”

Very cool. It’s nice to see these actors get an opportunity to push beyond what their audience has been seeing. I’m gleefully eager to see how they’ll do.

When trying to probe whether or not Shum will be the villian in this film, producer George Wang only said, “Hmm… life isn’t always so black and white is it now? More often than not it is one big ambiguous gray. Sometimes people are forced into hard decisions that may or may not always be clear as to which side of good or evil it falls on. This is one of the main underlying themes throughout the series.” No word on whether they’ll use a real-time clock like 24 does, though with the guns and grittiness, methinks they will.

This short film will be the second part of a three-part trilogy. It will be followed by a prequel and a sequel. This one will be three minutes in duration, hence the title. And the prequel and sequel? “The next two parts may not necessarily be bound by that time convention,” Wang added. “We would like to allow adequate time for character and story development. BUT… we’ll see…” The cast will be expanded in the other films.

You can see the first release exclusively on 3minutes-film.com, YouTube and Vimeo this Monday, January 10th, 2011. Set your phone reminders.

3 Minutes was written & directed by Ross Ching (Death Cab for Cutie, Kina Grannis and Clara C), and produced by Wang (Macy Gray, Pearl Jam) and Don Le (Invincible, Clara C). Quite a powerhouse trio there.

Now the second bite of 3 Minutes:

And, um, is that a lightsaber in tWitch’s hands? “We wanted to use a more interesting array of weaponry that was not common in these situations,” Wang replied. “As far as ‘light sabers’ go, there may or may not be some sort of plasma sword device in the film, we will all find out soon enough. And also, it just plain looks cool!”

That it sure does.

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