POP 88 #47 – Back and Ready for 2011

I’m back after my winter hiatus, refreshed and energized for the upcoming year. There are going to be some changes and new developments, so you’ll want to stick around to see what new and interesting things pop up.

In this episode, you’ll have to excuse the FANGIRL in me as I play the latest music from AFTER SCHOOL including their collaboration with Namie Amuro. I also drop another collabo with Traphik, Dumbfounded and Jin, some Big Bang, Dex Pistols and a DJ USYN vs DJ Amaya remix.

Also, check out “The A-Word” the first official podcast for 8Asians where we attempt to speak expertly about things we don’t know about and have serious debates about trivial things.

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1. One Love – Orange Caramel (2010)
2. Rollercoaster – Kahi (2011)
3. Make It Happen (feat. AFTERSCHOOL) – Namie Amuro (2011)

4. Charlie Sheen – Traphik, Dumbfounded and Jin (Download off iTunes!)
5. Tonight (Rex Rowdee Remix) – Big Bang (2011)
6. New Jack House (feat. JON-E) – Dex Pistols (2009)
7. Mukei Spirit – DJ USYN vs DJ AMAYA

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The main Canuck here I (sometimes) give a different perspective. I used to be 'read only' but you can actually hear me via POP 88 on 8Asians podcasting sister site Popcast88.com. Always trying to find that right balance between fluff and substance, I tend to focus my interests in discovering different perspectives. Look forward to hearing (and perhaps seeing) things you wouldn't anywhere else. Current vice and embarrassingly obsessed with: Kpop group AFTER SCHOOL
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