8Questions with “The Durrian” Editors

An Asian American news satire blog called The Durrian has made quite a splash in just its second week of existence. Similar to the concept of The Onion, the satirical publication puts their very own unique twist on the way they present their stories. Sarcastically claiming to be the “number 3 source for American-Asian news,” The Durrian’s articles parody current events, celebrities, as well as real/fictional happenings in the Asian American media.

Although the focus isn’t entirely Asian American (but rather “American-Asian”), The Durrian’s colorful commentary suggests that it’s all about poking fun at the lighter side of news as we see it.

I was able to chat it up with the editors, who declined to reveal their true identities, and pick their brains a bit:

What was the idea behind the concept of The Durrian?

We wanted to give American Asians some truthiness that we didn’t see on this thing Asians call ‘the interwebz’.

What/Who influenced you guys to start up the blog?

Obviously we can’t compare to The Onion. But we are big fans. We’ve also realized that American Asians have this thing about saving face. It’s very hard to tell the truth in such a small community without offending someone, even when some things need to be said. However if you add some some soy sauce and siracha, then helps to make it go down a bit easier. That or just write ‘jk lol’ at the end of the story.

Any plans to create something similar to the Onion News Network?

What’s that?

Will there be any push for video in the future?

Anything is possible. We actually want to take it back old school. HAM RADIO.

Is The Durrian specific to Entertainment news mostly, or will it start covering other topics?

First rule of The Durrian. There are no rules. Except no durians in the kitchen.

You recently did a post about Disgrasian as well as made fun of Wong Fu. Anywhere you wouldn’t go?

Anyone is fair game. Like a durian, the story may smell at first, but if you look deeper inside, it’s actually pretty sweet.

Is your site trying to be controversial?

Controversy is not funny. Being mean is not funny. In fact, being controversial to be funny is not funny. Telling the truth is funny though.

Why do you call Asian Americans, American Asians?

It’s Asian Americans?

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