L.A. Giveaway: Tickets to ‘One Kine Day’ or ‘Red Light Revolution’ at LAAPFF 2011

UPDATE 4/26/2011 @ 12:30pm: Tickets for RED LIGHT REVOLUTION are no longer available. Congratulations to the lucky winners who will see RED LIGHT REVOLUTION at LAAPFF: gilbert bustamante, Conning Chu, Michael R. Morris, Obi Okorougo, Lottie Tai! The giveaway for ONE KINE DAY is still open, but closes soon!

UPDATE 4/29/2011 @ 4:00am: Tickets for ONE KINE DAY are no longer available. Congratulations to the lucky winners who will see ONE KINE DAY at LAAPFF: Bryant Verador, Shalimar Zabanal, m.wei!

The 2011 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival kicks off this week! And if you haven’t been paying attention, then you may have missed your chance to buy a bunch of screenings which have since sold out.

8Asians is the proud Community Co-Presenter of three different screenings this year, and here is your chance to win tickets to two of them! But first, about the screenings we’re presenting: CHALLENGING THE NORM, ONE KINE DAY, and RED LIGHT REVOLUTION

Friday, April 29 at 7:15 PM at DGA 2
Get ready to cheer for the Asian Pacific underdogs as they navigate through generational differences, cultural stigmas, adolescence, stereotypes and dance-offs. The realistic, amiable characters in these shorts will have you rooting for their efforts to claim redemption.

  • FLORENCE Dir.: Jung Dong-rak
  • REPRESENT Dir.: Mike Wilson
  • THE DRIVING LESSON Dir.: Choi Jai-young
  • MY NAME IS SEVEN Dir.: D.B. Cheng
  • SOSEFINA Dir.: Tresa Ponnor
  • ASIAN AMERICAN JESUS Dir.: Yasmine Gomez

ONE KINE DAY (United States 2010- Dir./Scr.: Chuck Mitsui)
Sunday, May 1 at 4:00 PM at DGA 1
Over the mountains, hidden from the tourist filled beaches of Waikiki, Ralsto, a 19 year-old Hawaiian skateboarder, wakes up to a day he will never forget. Troubled by the news that his girlfriend, Alea, is pregnant, Ralsto embarks on a journey to raise funds for “da kine” while Alea contemplates the prospect of becoming a teen mother. Desperate for funds to help raise the impending arrival, Ralsto leans on his best friend Nalu, who takes him on a journey into the dark world of cockfights and drug dealing, leaving him penniless at the hands of a man who calls himself Vegas Mike. With no money and no job, Ralsto has to face Alea at the house party of the year.

RED LIGHT REVOLUTION (Australia/China 2010- Dir./Scr.: Sam Voutas)
Wednesday, May 4 at 9:30 PM at CGV Theatre 3
Shunzi, like many men of his generation, is a hard worker who simply can’t afford to provide the type of life his spouse desires. When he is fired for disobedience, his wife promptly leaves him and throws him out of the house he bought her. With nowhere else to go, Shunzi returns to his parent’s traditional courtyard home for solace. As money pressures rise, Shunzi’s parents urge him to forget about ‘face’ and take any job that will have him. So, unbeknownst to his family, Shunzi decides to step behind China’s new ‘red curtain’ and secretly open an adult shop. But when the neighborhood watch discovers that Shunzi has been operating without a permit, Shunzi faces the threat of losing everything.

Ok, ok, so you just want to know how you can win some free screening tickets? Read on!

What you could win from 8Asians & the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival:
A pair of tickets to see ONE KINE DAY or RED LIGHT REVOLUTION at LAAPFF 2011!

Hurry, this contest closes soon, so the sooner you enter, the better!
FIVE lucky winners will be selected for each screening.

Rules for entering:
1) Please be serious about using the tickets. Unused tickets suck! (Travel/accomodations to the L.A. area not included.)
2) Contributors to 8Asians and their immediate family members are not eligible to win.
3) Prizes are fulfilled by a third-party; 8Asians is not responsible for any lost or misdirected prizes.

How do you enter?
1) Like the 8Asians Facebook page!
2) Fill out the form below
[gravityform id=9 name=8Asians // 2011 LAAPFF Ticket Giveaway]

BONUS: Leave a short comment below sharing some thoughts about why you want to win the prize. Doing this doesn’t increase your chances of winning, but it certainly doesn’t hurt! (Note: DO NOT leave your email address in the body of your comment unless you want everyone to see it!)

Why do I have to fill out this form? We’re just trying to capture all the info needed to fulfill the prizes faster.

Can I enter more than once? No! Why you being so greedy?!

Prizes courtesy of: 8Asians and 2011 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.

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