No Asians in Cast ‘The Hunger Games’ Film

As an avid Hunger Games fan, I have been obsessively following the binge casting that has happened this week for the movie adaptation.

This past week alone, they cast four tributes (fans of the book will know what I am talking about; otherwise click here for a full synopsis of the story) and Prim, the sister of the main character Katniss — who will be played by Academy Award nominee Jennifer Lawrence. Lawrence will be the angsty heroine in a dystopian, teenagers-fight-to-the-death world where she will be in a love triangle (as all young adult novel heroines are) with two dudes named Peeta and Gale (who will be played by Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth).

There has been mixed reactions to the casting and, as an Asian American, it is my ethnic responsibility to ask, “Where are the Asians?” Even though the casting isn’t completely finished, I shouldn’t beat a dead horse when it comes to this issue, but like I said, it is an ETHNIC RESPONSIBILITY. Otherwise, I would be a bad Asian and get crucified for my lack of cultural pride.

I don’t really know if there is a place for Asian American in this cast — no — I take that back. While I was reading the books, I pictured the character of Peeta as an Indian dude. I don’t know why. I just did.

But back to the matter at hand — could there be an Asian cast in any of these roles? I pose this question to Hunger Games fans out there — and I know there are a lot of you. Perhaps Maggie Q? Grace Park? John Cho? That one Asian dude in that one cell phone commercial?

Many Asian Americans voice their frustration about Asians not being cast in movies, so this is an opportunity for everyone to speak up. Who would be your fantasy Asian Hunger Games cast? The characters in the book are racially ambiguous so everyone should have a field day with this.

Who are some young Hollywood Asian actors who can carry this franchise? Are there any? Please enlighten me. If not, we can always see if Russell Wong is available.

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