Margaret Cho Portrays Kim Jung-Il on 30 Rock

In the most recent episode of 30 Rock, comedian and actress Margaret Cho guest stars as the crazy and idiosyncratic North Korean dictator Kim Jung-Il who has taken Jack Donaghy’s wife Avery hostage while she is on assignment in Asia for CNBC.

I could tell during the episode that the actor was a woman, but couldn’t tell who was playing Kim since Cho was wearing sun glasses during the whole episode. Only until the end of the episode did I see the credits at the end that Cho played Kim. I thought she did a great and hilarious job but the funniest portrayal of Kim was in the movie, Team America: World Police, where the puppet Kim sings “I’m So Lonely,” though Danny Cho’s portrayal of Kim in his spoof of an eHarmony ad is pretty great, too.


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