The Hunger Games Finally Casts An Asian!

It looks like the Gods of The Hunger Games have answered my blog prayers: according to The Hunger Games Facebook page, they have cast martial artist/actor Chris Mark as a “Tribute Boy” in the highly anticipated film adaptation.

Seeing as how I have named myself as the official “Hunger Games Ambassador of Goodwill” I felt that I need to keep everyone (whether you care or not) in the loop about casting updates of the next young adult novel-turned-tween movie franchise. Since Twilight and Harry Potter are bowing out of the pop culture forefront soon, this new series is going to be the next big thing to eclipse all of them (pun intended).

Sure, Chris Mark’s role as “Tribute Boy” is a very generic role (probably the equivalent of being a bit player in Scream) but this is very exciting news. It also shows the power of blogging. I am SURE my blog post about “No Asians Cast in ‘The Hunger Games’ Film” had EVERYTHING to do with Chris Mark being cast in what will be the most AWESOME movie of 2012. And to that I say, “You’re welcome Chris Mark.”

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