7 Awesome Collegiate Asian American Acapella Groups

This piece was originally written for AsiansOnYouTube and has been reposted here with permission.

By AsiansOnYouTube

What do you get when you have Asians who love to sing a capella with Asians that are well represented at US institutions of higher learning? College Asian American Acapella Groups! Here are seven awesome collegiate Asian a capella groups on YouTube worth checking out, after the jump.

1. NU Treblemakers – Northwestern’s East-Asian A Cappella Group

My alma matter representing — Go Wildcats! — with their rendition of “I Don’t Want to Wait,” also known as the theme to Dawson’s Creek. Can you believe we used to throw Dawson’s Creek viewing parties back in the day?

2. Deewane – Carnegie Mellon University’s South Asian A Cappella group

The worst year of my life was spent at Carnegie Mellon (Go Tartans!), but these guys can get “Down” like Jay Sean.

3. NY Masti – New York’s South Asian Female A Cappella group

Started by two NYU students, this mash-up of “Mangalyam,” “I’m Yours,” “Tiluk Kamod” and “Choti Si Asha” is AWESOME.

4. Penn Yo – UPenn’s Chinese A Cappella Group

Don’t ask me why UPenn’s Chinese a cappella group is singing “Nobody” by the Wonder Girls — a Korean song.

5. Raagapella – Stanford University’s All-Male South Asian A Cappella Group

Future millionaires love to sing.

6. Syncopasian – MIT’s Asian Acappella Group

And even math nerds love to sing, too; I like how they transition between Mandarin and Korean.

7. Dhamakapella – Case Western Reserve University’s South Asian Fusion Acapella Group

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(Flickr photo credit: vectorportal.com)

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