Thor Trailer: Differences Between US and Asian Versions

The Thor trailer has been released for Asian countries, and seeing that I just saw the movie here in the States, I figured that it was worth checking out the differences. SPOILER ALERT: Just in case I might be talking about some things that you want to be surprised about, don’t read after this.

Interestingly enough, none of the American trailers really gave much of a hint of the frost giants whom play a large role as the antagonists in the movie. This trailer is not that much different in that regards, but they do give a flash of it at the end. Another difference is that the American trailers focus on entirely different sequences, and mainly the battle scenes with the Destroyer. The Asian one however jumps all over the movie and basically show almost the entire storyline in bits and pieces but close to sequence.

What’s also interesting about the Asian trailer is a flash of Hogun who’s played by Tadanobu Asano. In the American trailers, none of the Warriors Three are shown but for whatever reason, Hogun is shown once in the Asian trailer. Personally I found that the American short trailers masked the story very well but still was able to drive the intrigue to see it. The Asian trailer however seems to give away the story and not concentrate on the more exciting scenes. Almost as if the politics of Asgard would be more interesting than the fighting of Thor. I understand the entirety of different cultures requiring different presentations, but I’ll be curious how well this movie does overseas.

Thor doesn’t hit the theaters over yonder until July.

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