NBC’s Outsourced Canceled: Sad But Not Surprised

And so it is over. As NBC officially announced its Fall Prime Time schedule early Monday this week, fans were disappointed to see Outsourced axed, along with The Event with Ian Anthony Dale and Perfect Couples co-starring Olivia Munn. Fact: now there will be even less APIs on the Peacock network. Fact: the peacock is native to Asia. Lose.

After reading the wires, my heart sank- yet I wasn’t as shocked as I could have been, after a season long of pinching myself and not letting myself get too attached, thinking its simply too good to be true!

But the real shame was that Outsourced was actually getting really really good, and more people were starting to warm up to it. What might have hurt ratings was the mid-season time shift, which is a KNOWN network practice to try to silently shuffle out a show by forcing a shifting audience pattern.

However, this is show business and NBC’s Broadcasting Chairman Ted Harbert hit the point home by saying 2011 is going to be about “a little less reinvention of the wheel and more broadcast 101.” (Translation: ‘no money– different new not bring money, old tested bring money, Ted promotion time, raawr/yaay!’)

However, the show did go out with a Bollywood Bang that I don’t really want to spoil as we are all going to rush out and buy the Season 1 Director’s Cut Special Edition box set on BluRay combo pack with collectible Gupta bobble head doll when it comes out right…RIGHT!??!

In addition, NBC also canceled the lukewarm series The Event which I had forced myself to watch, regardless of how bad it was, because I didn’t want to get left behind not watching from the start (like when Lost got big). Damn you NBC, that’s two reasons now that you are on my shit list!!

Keeping with a Ghandian approach to compassion in this post, and not shaking my fists at the NBC execs too furiously, I am happy to share NBC’s exciting new roster of cool shows for the fall. All is not lost, I am also un-reasonably excited about the upcoming Are Your There Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea project, based on Chelsea Handler’s best selling memoir coming this fall.

So NBC, you messed up real bad with cancelling Outsourced which means you’ll be sleeping on the couch this next season. If you want to get out of the doghouse, you better deliver with some Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang action soon, real soon.

Now you know how I feel about these changes, hit us back with your thoughts!

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