The Bangerz To Perform At Voodoo Experience Music Festival

I recently ran into G-Wrex and Goldenchyld of The Bangerz at a wedding I attended. Goldenchyld mentioned that The Bangerz were performing at the 2011 Voodoo Experience Music Festival in New Orleans. He was pretty excited, as other acts at Voodoo Experience include Soundgarden, Blink 182, Social Distortion, Snoop Dogg, and Fatboy Slim. Goldenchyld said that they haven’t played anything as big before.  I think it is quite an achievement for Asian Americans that a musical form, turntablism, that they pioneered is part of such a large music festival.  If their upcoming performance is anything like their eclectic mix of Taiko and Turntablism, they should put on a great show.

Voodoo Experience 2011 is from October 28 through October 30 at City Park in New Orleans.  The Bangerz are performing on Friday, October 28, and you can find out  The Bangerz specific Voodoo Experience information here.

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