The Best of GASP!: September

Every day, our shopping blog GASP! posts new items we’ve found online. Here are some of the best goodies we’ve found this month:

  1. “Hez the Pirate” Leather Keychain–This keychain will have you prepared for the latest round in the “pirates versus ninjas” debate, or at least ready for Talk Like a Pirate Day.
  2. Ninja Cat Cell Phone Charm–If you support ninjas over pirates, then this cell phone charm will help you proudly show your support.
  3. Domo-kun Nom Nom Nom Cupcakes Shirt–Who said you can’t have your cupcakes and eat them too?
  4. Rainbow Macbook Air Keyboard Decals–Make typing a joy with these colorful decals for MacBook Air keyboards.
  5. Ultimate Pocky Collection–Get a smorgasbord of Pocky deliciousness.
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