GOTM! : Halloween

Another month is here, so it’s time for Goodies of the Month! (GOTM!). Here are some essentials to help you prepare to celebrate Halloween:

1. Wendy the Witch Mouse Figurine: When it comes to Halloween decorations, sometimes it’s nice to have a low-key option that doesn’t scream orange and black. This cute little mouse figurine ($15) measures about 4 inches tall, and would be perfect for a little bit of flair on your desk at work.

2. Lion Soda Hardy Candy: At Halloween, the same candy is passed around again and again: MMs (good), Snickers (better), Twix (best) and Tootsie Rolls (the dredges). So why not be different with a bag of Lion Soda Hard Candy ($5). The bag includes flavors like melon, cola, and Ramune. But a word of warning: eating too many of these will leave a sore spot on your tongue.

3. Nekochii Nekomimi: Come Halloween time, it’s always a hassle to put together a creative costume. What’s the easiest thing? Putting on cat ears. These custom-made cat ears ($20) come in your choice of fur colors, so you can devote all your creative energy to figuring out which color you want.

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