Hong Kong Teen’s Graphic Tribute to Steve Jobs Goes Viral

Apple’s former CEO, Steve Jobs passed away a couple of days ago and it caught many of us by surprise. On the day of October 5, 2011, we saw many people tweeting about it, updating their Facebook statuses, posting pictures and quotations of Steve Jobs on tumblr, and even cracking jokes about it. Jonathan Mak, a college student from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, designed this logo, which became a worldwide Internet sensation. Mak came up with the design in early August, but it is not until recently that it became very popular. Many merchandisers even used the logo on their products for sale. Now, Mak wants to copyright the logo and use the proceeds as funding for cancer research. Steve Jobs died of pancreatic cancer at age 56.

[Photo credit: macdailynews.com]

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