The Best Asian Related Questions on Yahoo! Answers Pt. 2

Yahoo! Answers had so many “interesting” questions that I couldn’t fit it all onto one post. So here part 2 of my “favorite” Asian related questions. (You can read part 1 here.)

Can asian guys be attractive?

My answer: Only me. Especially in a Speedo. Oh and the other 8Asians male writers too!

Best answer (at least according to Yahoo Questions): HECK YEEAH! southeast asians that is ..  there are more asians than just east asians like japan, korea, and china!!!! SOUTHEAST asians are has more rounded features, like face, eyes, and nose, and they are tan, they look sorta latino. and they look nothing like east asians, you know the ones that are typically teased today???? and ppl think they are the only asians??? wtfff. ignorant americans. southeast asians are cambodia, phillipine. vietnam, thai, laos, malaysia, singapore, & more!!! kbye


Can asian people be born with long eyelashes just like the white people? does asian people carry the dominant gene that makes eyelashes long. Or do they have to have caucasian’s gene to have this?

My answer: I remember thinking 2Pac had really long eyelashes and how I wished that I was born with long eyelashes too. Wait, what was the question again?

Best answer (at least according to Yahoo Questions): It really depends on their own family genes. Not all asians necessarily have short eyelashes. I have a 100% chinese friend whose eyelashes are extremely long – maybe even as long as Indian people’s eyelashes (most of them have beautiful long lashes). But I have some asian friends whose eyelashes look like they’re 2 cm long and I have some asian friends with medium length.

Can Asians tell the difference between an Asian with Down’s Syndrome and an Asian that does not? My Korean friend said that in Koreans it is virtually impossible. I thought she was joking.

My answer: This is offensive on sooooooooo many levels. But your Korean friend has a great sense of humor. What else has he/she told you?

Best answer (at least according to Yahoo Questions): I have seen an Asian with Down syndrome. They typically have a small eyes, kinda wrinkly, flat face, and small nose. She clearly looks different from her family and the Asians around her. Also, I can see it in her hands, gait, and mannerisms.

Can Asian people wink? I was told that because of their optical muscles people of asian decendant can not wink with only one eye

My answer: Yes. But when I look up I automatically open my mouth. Don’t believe me? Look up without opening your mouth. You can’t do it, can you? Or is this just an Asian thing?

Best answer (at least according to Yahoo Questions): Yes. We can wink…

Can asian guys be gay or emo? I have a close best friend that is 14 that wants to be gay or emo, but hes asian. Do you guys think he should go for it or should he stay the same as he was?

Added on details. Sorry I didn’t say it correctly… I meant he is a afraid his friends will make fun of him if he is gay… Sorry again some people are thinking it the wrong way. He has been into gays and emos for a pretty long time. So now he sais he wants to kind of have like a gay/emo look and fashion way. Also he mentions these things alot, please answer to them numerically.
1. He talks about changing hair alot
2. He wants to get black clothing
3. Whenever he sees gays or emos he approaches them but doesn’t speak.

My answer: This is a very good question. Maybe some of the other 8Asian writers would have something to say about this.

Best answer (at least according to Yahoo Questions): Yes. We can wink…

Can asian people blush? I like this guy at my school, so i asked my mom to name some signs that would indicate whether he liked me back. She said that if he blushed when we talked, he might return my feelings. The only problem is that i don’t know if i can tell if he is blushing or not, because he has pretty dark skin. So, can dark-skinned Asian people blush? Thank you. (:

My answer:  Well, not blush like you’re thinking. We actually turn green. If he turns green, true love. If orange, he only wants to be friends.

Best answer (at least according to Yahoo Questions): Yes anybody white, brown or black can blush- but depending how dark their skin is you may not be able to notice it.

Blushing is a reaction we cannot control and can happen to everyone when they are embarrassed, blood rushes to your face to cool you down!

I blush a lot – I hate it!!! 🙂

So, yeah, if he has dark skin you just won’t be able to notice it as much.

There will be other signs that he likes you – you may notice him looking at you a lot, going quite and shy when you talk to him, he may tease you in a friendly way or he may flirt back obviously!

Good luck! 🙂

Can Asians have sexy bedroom eyes? So, far l’ve not seen an East Asians(Koreans, Japaneses,Chinese) w/ seductive bedroom eyes. I wonder if Asians can have it. Most Asians eyes sockets are not very deep, thus can’t really create the illusion of shape. Some whites are born w/ it like Jennifer Connelly, Robert Patteson.

My answer:  Before I answer your question, you have to answer mine. Are deep eye sockets sexy?

Best answer (at least according to Yahoo Questions): if they want to.

can asians swim????????? Teacher went up to me, and said “You are asian, right?” And i said “yeah. umm… so??” PE teacher: You can’t swim, correct? Me: What do you mean? I can swim. To all the students, teacher then says : “Guys, I just want to ask some asians here, because it is scientifically proven that asians can’t swim well like white people.”

I thought this was a little racist, and offensive. Do you think I could fire this teacher by reporting this to the councilor or something? One of my friend even took a video, through his cell phone. He literally says that, that all asians can’t swim. And he frowns when he meets asians, and he’s really really nice toward white girls.

My answer:  The teacher was trying to trick you into revealing the truth about us. You didn’t let on that he was right, did you?

Best answer (at least according to Yahoo Questions): I am Asian and I can swim fine…how do you think many Asians escaped their countries to elsewhere? Fark…

Can asians be seen as ‘human’?

My answer:  Nope, I’ve already told everyone that we’re aliens (from outer space). Duh!

Best answer (at least according to Yahoo Questions): why wouldn’t they be ‘human’? What’s that supposed to mean?

Can Asians laugh???? i dont think they can

My answer:  No but we can fly!

Best answer (at least according to Yahoo Questions): Yes EveryOne Can Laugh Silly lol =]

That’s it. I can’t look at these anymore. There are lots lots lots lots more. I could have thousands of these posts, but I think you get the idea. It seems like a lot of people out there think Asians have either super powers OR they think we can’t do basic things like laugh/wink/blush/etc. Very strange world we live in. I wonder if people ask these questions of other groups of people. What am I saying? Of course they do. Sometimes I feel bad for the future of our world.


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