Asian American Commercial Watch: What Happens in Vegas’s Hip Hop

Funny, after I said I had not seen that IKEA commercial on TV that I had blogged about, the next day, I saw the commercial. I haven’t seen this latest Las Vegas commercial that I saw on a website, so that probably means any day I’ll see the commercial, about a kind of dorky looking office worker reliving his weekend in Las Vegas partying up. The guy kind of reminds me a little bit like McLovin from the movie Superbad.

Cool that the City of Las Vegas is including an Asian American guy in their television campaign, but kind of uncool that the guy is so dorky (though some photos on his PC make him look kind of hip – I guess that’s what happens when you go to Vegas). I think the director’s cut of the commercial is a little bit funnier.

Would be interesting to see what kind of Asian American woman / women Las Vegas would cast in a future commercial – maybe out on the town with her girlfriends or white boyfriend (LOL). Given the propensity for Asians to gamble, I’m surprised I don’t see more Las Vegas focused advertising starring Asians. Maybe Las Vegas focuses on the local ethnic media television stations for those commercials?

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