GOTM! : Hello Kitty

Another month is here, so it’s time for Goodies of the Month! (GOTM!). Here are our picks of some weird items to complete your Hello Kitty collection:

1. Hello Kitty Mop: Housework is boring. Hello Kitty is cute. So make housework boring and cute with this pink mop set ($99.99). It happens to be about ten times what we would normally spend on cleaning supplies, but isn’t Hello Kitty worth it?

2. Hello Kitty Box Cutter: Usually, Hello Kitty items are hopelessly un-useful–do you really need one of those magic washcloths that you can really only use once? This box cutter ($12.95) will remain a helpful staple in your Hello Kitty arsenal, staying a cut above the rest (pun intended).

3. Hello Kitty Christmas Lights: Christmas is a time of good will and cheer; a time when families reunite and children run downstairs in order to violently rip open the multitude of packages waiting under the tree, which “Santa” (who looked suspiciously like one of the parents) left. These Christmas lights ($24.95) will be good all year round for spreading that holiday spirit, especially since the colors likely won’t match the rest of your decorations. Set includes 10 lights on a string.

4. Hello Kitty Hard Suitcase: Are you tired of losing your luggage at the airport carousel, watching 4,000 identical black bags go round and round? Show off both your Hello Kitty love and your refusal to cave to the black luggage trend with this pink suitcase ($395). It’s dual-purpose too: swing it at the shins of unsuspecting travelers who dare try to reach for your suitcase.

5. Hello Kitty Chainsaw: What’s that you say? All of these items have been so commonplace that anyone could find them? Well, then take this chainsaw on for size. Nothing says “I love Hello Kitty” like a themed power tool. It’s so rare that it exists only in pictures, but take note: eventually Hello Kitty is going to take over the world, and this chainsaw will be in your local Home Depot.

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