TC Charton Sunglasses

Every so often, we at GASP! get the opportunity to try some amazing products. This week, we tried on five pairs of sunglasses by TC Charton–a company which is specifically designed to fit Asian faces. All the pairs (both opthalmic frames and sunglasses) are designed by Alexandra Peng, who was inspired to create an eyewear collection that took into account Asian facial structure as well as skin tone. In Spring 2011, a kid’s collection was launched as well, injecting some style into the bland rows of frames. The frames are available at the TC Charton ($210 to $345) page, but here are just the ones we tried:

The Angel ($285) in grey is a retro style which would be perfect when paired with a scarf and an open convertible. It comes in four colors, each with AR-coated lenses.

The Regina ($300) in purple is slightly retro as well, offering a classic style in simple colors. It comes in three colors.

The Melanie ($255) in brown horn is slightly squarer than either of the above, and comes three colors. The lenses are slightly lighter, so they won’t offer the maximum UV protection, but will give you a stylish accessory.

The Crystal ($330) in brown offer 1960s style in 21st century quality. They weren’t quite our style, but they fit the best. Comes in three colors.

The Lauren ($345) in burgundy are easily the boldest pair of sunglasses we tried. They come with either AR-coated or polarized lenses, so you can keep your eyes safe.

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