John Chu’s G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation Trailer Is Asian Enough

The first full trailer for John Chu’s kind of anticipated G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation flooded blogs and websites. The follow-up to the first million dollar installment worthy of B-movie acclaim, looks promising. It has lots of explosions, guns, Asian people doing stuff and a brand new cast of characters. Let’s go through some of the trailer’s highlights.

1.) There seems to be a limited amount of Channing Tatum and a lot more Dwayne Johnson. The artist formerly known as The Rock plays Roadblock… But wait… Isn’t Roadblock supposed to be black?

2.) Did you catch that one scene in the trailer where there’s a gal in all red performing acts of swordplay whilst blindfolded? That HAS to be Jinx (played by the half Cambodian/half French Elodie Yung — hot). Jinx was one of my favorite action figures because her ninja outfit looked comfortable like a hooded Snuggie. Based on the brief look at her in the trailer, it looks like they are reenacting this scene from the O.G. G.I. Joe animated movie.

3.) Byung-hun Lee returns as the mysterious and deadly Storm Shadow. He’s a master ninja that desperately needs to be shirtless in at least 85 percent of his scenes.

4.) The mountainside ninja sword fight looks amazing…and beautiful. Like a Cirque du Soleil show. Perhaps G.I. Joe should look into that.

5.) Apparently, Cobra takes over the White House in this one. From a distance, their logos on the banners that they drape over the White House look like vaginas.

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