Charlie Kim’s Music Video, Red Bull and Vodka

By Sheldon

It’s truly refreshing to see another Asian-American musician in the industry, especially as a student in the midwest at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Asian-Americans’ are a rarity on campus, so when I first saw Charlie Kim performing two years ago at the Memorial Union Terrace at night in front of a huge audience on a warm summer night, I was ecstatic. He’s come a long way since then and now he’s really making noise on campus.

He just dropped his new album, Songs for Women Pt. 1 and has been touring around campus in bars, sorority houses, cafes, and other university sponsored events. Furthermore, his music video “Red Bull and Vodka” was recently posted on the popular website, Good Music All Day.

I’m excited to help give Charlie Kim some national support amongst the Asian American communities — especially because I feel that Asian Americans in the Midwest are disconnected from those on the coasts such as California and New York. Hopefully, we can continue to tie the community together, encompassing all of the United States.

To learn more about Charlie Kim, check out his Facebook page and official website.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sheldon is a Chinese-American born in Madison, Wisconsin. He is currently a student at the University of Wisconsin – Madison double majoring in Biology and Chinese. He hopes to one day get his J.D./MPP and work on reshaping US-China foreign policy. Interests include writing, theater arts, and outdoor activities.

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