Governor Christie Makes History by Nominating Phillip Kwon for New Jersey Supreme Court

Current Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, made a historic nomination last week by nominating Phillip Kwon to the New Jersey Supreme Court:

“One nominee, Phillip H. Kwon, a Korean immigrant who lives in Bergen County, worked under Mr. Christie when Mr. Christie was the United States attorney for New Jersey, and now works in his administration as first assistant attorney general.

Kwon will be the first ever immigrant and first ever Asian American to be nominated, and if confirmed, serve on the New Jersey Supreme Court. New Jersey’s Asian American population represents about 8% of the state’s population, so not a total shocker that Kwon was nominated.

However, kind of surprising that Kwon will be the first ever immigrant to have been nominated. I mean, when I think of immigrants in New Jersey, rightfully or wrongfully I think of Italian Americans because of The Sopranos and Jersey Shore. Congratulations to Kwon and best of luck to him on getting confirmed!

The most recent Asian American I recall being nominated and confirmed to a state Supreme Court is Goodwin Liu in California.

[H/T Asianspushingazns]

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