7500 Teaser Trailer Reveals My Worst Nightmare

I don’t fly that often to Japan but when I do, a myriad of nightmares come to play. Something horrible will happen to the plane. Something scary will happen on the flight. I’ll be stuck sitting next to a douchebag for the next 10 hours. Jamie Chung will be my flight attendant. You know what I mean. And occasionally, a new film mashes all of that together, titled 7500. Directed by Takashi Shimizu, the guy responsible for my nightmares about Ju-On/The Grudge, the film follows the passengers who have a supernatural experience on a flight to Tokyo.

I never heard of this film before watching the teaser trailer above but here are my first thoughts:

  • This is the most vanilla flight I’ve seen to Tokyo.
  • Is that Turtle from Entourage?
  • I wonder if Leslie Bibb was hoping this film would end up on another desert island, a la LOST.
  • This film is produced by Roy Lee, the guy responsible for bringing all your favorite Asian movies to the US as American remakes. I still hold him responsible for ruining My Sassy Girl.
  • Once on a flight to Mexico, I almost had a heart attack because one of my best friends kept listening to her Walkman during take-off but nothing out of the ordinary happened so I really think it is an urban legend. Or just a way for the airline stewards to boss you around. That said, I still follow the rules.
  • Other Asian people involved in this film are Takashige Ichise, Leni Ito and Jamie Chung.

7500 will be released on August 31st, 2012 from CBS Films.

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