One Trip Grip Grocery Bag Holder

Going to the farmers’ market is so good for the soul: browsing through colorful produce, supporting local businesses, and going home with a bunch of healthy stuff. Well, maybe not the last part. Trying to return home with the day’s bounty can be a challenge, balancing bags of fresh fruit, flowers, and cheese. For those of us familiar with the red battle scars plastic bags can leave on our arms, try this One Trip Grip Grocery Bag Holder ($3.00).

Able to withstand up to 50 pounds of groceries, this holder will help you transport bags home with ease. Bring it with you to the farmers’ market to collect all your purchases from various vendors, or keep it in the car for assistance carrying things into the house. It’s also a handy gadget to use when riding the bus (no more rogue oranges rolling around) or walking up the stairs.

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