The Carrie Diaries Trailer Proves That Minorities Do Exist In New York

I haven’t been paying attention to anything about The Carrie Diaries, the CW’s new series about Carrie Bradshaw before the Sex and the City years (which I like to refer to as the B.C.E.–Before Cosmo Era) but look! The trailer is out! And look! There are NON-WHITE PEOPLE IN IT.

Seriously, you guys. How is it possible that a series like Girls, which was deemed to be the most honest, real and down-to-earth portrayal of young women, couldn’t even show off a single minority in their trailer, yet this teen dramedy, destined to be the least honest, most outrageous and materialistic portrayal of young women (as a precursor to all that SATC has doomed us with) in the same city (at least, the tri-state area), manages to show off more than one non-Caucasian girl?

First we’ve got Freema Agyeman from Doctor Who, who apparently inspires Carrie to pursue a fashion filled life in Manhattan, and Ellen Wong, cast as her best friend, Jill “The Mouse” Thompson. Yes, Knives Chau from Scott Pilgrim is back and she pops her cherry before Carrie does. And she doesn’t have a fobby accent or a fobby name. WHAT WHAT?

Take note, Hollywood writers (and/or Lena Dunham). It’s possible to incorporate minority characters into your story without the token route. So while I can’t comment on the original book series and clearly I haven’t seen the entire show yet (which premieres in January 2013) and while the whole thing may be as annoying as SATC was to my generation (currently going bankrupt trying to afford Louboutins–formerly Manolos–and Birkin–not Balenciaga–bags),  right now, I’m on board.

[H/T Dino-Ray]

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