Long Delayed K-Town Reality Show To Be Released On YouTube In July

Remember K-Town, the Jersey Shore wannabe reality show based on Asian Americans? 8Asians blogged the casting of an early promotional reel two years ago, as well as observations about the cast members and even a guest post by the producer, only to have the show slip into what felt like development hell for two years.

But this week a PR release has announced that the Tyrese produced project will be released after all on YouTube starting July 2nd.

The YouTube trailer claims the show is “the reality show no TV network could show you,” although at my cynical old age of 35, I usually interpret this as “no cable channels wanted to pick us up, even the Asian American ones.” Also suspicious is that Peter Le, the previously mentioned bisexual adult male model, has been replaced with a guy who is ‘the self-proclaimed “Prince of K-Town’ who drives a fast car and lives a fast life,” a reminder for anyone trying to produce a reality show that viewers want their bisexual adult models female, not male.

We’ve talked about the impacts of this show two years ago where the consensus was, “eh, this is going to be train wreck, but we celebrate that this train wreck exists in the first place.” But the show loses its novelty and shock value by being released on YouTube – a medium that mostly Asian Americans will watch – rather than on television, where random Americans will flip through the channels and accidentally stumble upon girls making out with each other and then stabbing each other in the face with broken bottles of Belvedere.

Still, we’re a blog — so if you create that salacious video still or animated GIF to post on tumblr, send a couple to us so we can plaster it all over the Internets. Thanks!

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