Gangnam Style’s PSY Takes Over Reddit

With “Gangnam Style” still taking over the Internet one parody video at a time, it’s only natural that South Korea’s PSY would make an appearance on reddit with an “Ask Me Anything” session. While he didn’t shut down the site like President Obama did a month ago, it was still fun to hear from the musical artist directly, especially when it came to answering questions about asses. And if there’s anything we learned from this Q&A session, it’s that the man behind Gangnam Style is as direct as his insanely popular song.

Here are some of my favorite questions that he answered!

Question: How did you come up with the name PSY?

Answer: short for psycho

Question: Psy, what’s something the people don’t realized about you that you wish they did?

Answer: i compose all my music myself

Question: Did you just sit down and say to yourself, “I’m going to make the catchiest fucking song of all time”?

Answer:  i thought so but only for korea.

Question: I recently read you went to Berklee college of music up here in Boston. I’ve always had the impression that pop music isn’t typically what Berklee students are interested in producing. I imagine this might just be misconception that I have, however. Still, with this in mind:

How do you think Berklee prepared you for a career in K-Pop? What things that you learned translated well (or didn’t translate) to that style?

Answer: unfortunately i didn’t attend class that much. sorry!

Question: Why were you so mad at that girl’s ass?

Answer: because her ass was so mad

Question: Did you ever get bored doing the gangnam-style dance?

Answer: there’s no time to be bored. i’m so busy doing the horse dance…

I have a secret to share: I’ve only watched the “Gangnam Style” music video twice and I immediately avoid any sort of parody/sketch/reference that pops up on my social feeds. Sometimes there’s just too much of a good thing, right? So while I’m not one of those people trying to learn the horse dance, I am still amazed and excited that his song can reach so high on the Billboard charts, that he can write a single song that literally takes over the Internet and that, for once, more people are talking about Asian pop music and South Korea than ever before.

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