8Questions with Quentin Lee


Writer, director, and producer Quentin Lee was born in Hong Kong, immigrated to Canada as a teen, and is now active in the industry in Los Angeles. He attended UC Berkeley, Yale, and UCLA in the U.S. Lee’s films center around every day realistic Asian American characters that usually don’t get much screen time in Hollywood. His most recent film direction project is White Frog, a coming of age story staring Booboo Stewart and featuring Harry Shum Jr., BD Wong, and Kelly Hu. Recently, he also produced Chink, a film about an Asian American serial killer written by our prolific 8Asians writer, Koji Steven Sakai.

Here are 8Questions with Lee:
What made you decide to pursue your current career?

I really wanted to make films as a kid and I just followed the path.

Who is your greatest inspiration?

My bird Toffey who gave birth to her daughter Mochi. She has so much character and I was moved by how she raised Mochi from an egg.

Where do you see the Asian Pacific Islander American community in 10 years?

I think we’ll be everywhere.

What advice would you give the next generation of API aspiring to make it in entertainment?

I sound like a Nike ad but just go do it. Go out and start making films and not wait for anyone to hand you an opportunity. Make your own opportunity.

What is your goal with the film CHINK?

Make a statement and hopefully make the investors happy.

How do you feel people will respond to the intentionally offensive name?

I hope they respond to the title. I wouldn’t say the title is intentionally offensive. Larry Kramer, our great LGBT writer, titled his book FAGGOTS.

What stereotypes will CHINK break and what new ones could it potentially create?

We want to put stereotypes back in play.

What is your favorite Asian comfort food?

Lately I crave “Husband and Wife’s Lung Slices” or Fuqi feipan.

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