Another White College Kid Rants About Asians: Is Samuel Hendrickson the New Alexandra Wallace?

UPDATE 3/9/2013 @ 10am: YouTube removed the original video for being hate speech, so I’ve updated the video embed with a mirror from LiveLeak. Thanks to commenter Aishi Yupi for providing the link.

UPDATE 3/6/2013 @ 9:30pm Pacific Time: It looks like Sam Hendrickson has deleted his Facebook page. When I looked at it a few hours ago, his page was filled with lot of Asians calling him out for his racism and a bunch of white people defending Sam’s video and saying “chill out, it’s just a joke!”

If you’re a white college kid who wants to become famous for making funny videos online, the way to get started is to post a racist video, ranting about what you don’t like about Asians… that is, if you go to the Alexandra Wallace School of Asian American Internet Infamy* (I heard this is where she ended up after leaving UCLA).

Samuel Hendrickson, a University of Southern Indiana Indiana University student, made a four-and-a-half minute video listing out ten reasons he’d “hate to be Asian”:

  1. Most Asians look alike
  2. If he was an Asian man, he’d most likely be with an Asian woman (and he doesn’t find Asian women attractive)
  3. Sweatshops suck.
  4. Smoking pot while Asian makes would make his already-chink eyes close completely
  5. He sucks at math
  6. The only way you can be in show biz if you know kung fu or if you play an Asian mobster
  7. He’d be short.
  8. He hates sushi and it would be “everywhere” if he was Asian. [He throws in a nice use of the word “Oriental” during this segment.]
  9. Asian males don’t have a “good rep.” Schools don’t accept them any more than white males, they’re not known for being good in the bedroom, and are known for having small equipment and wear tighty-whiteys
  10. Asians blur their porn

8A-2013-03-06-SamuelMichaelHendricksonYouTubeEvidently, Sam meant for this video to be a joke (according to a comment on YouTube, he says “I know not all asians look alike.. this whole video was a joke.”) and he has uploaded other so-called funny videos with his friends under the 3LetterMafia banner.

8A-2013-03-06-SamuelMichaelHendricksonApologySam also apologized on Facebook (and Twitter), saying:

I would like to really apologize to the entire Asian race and anyone else offended by my video. What I did was a joke but was not taken as one, with that being said, I sincerely am sorry for offending anyone.

Says our anonymous tipster, “this shows us that racism is alive and well today. People like this person are why we must keep fighting for equality.”

My hope is that a good parody or two comes out of this. After all, the parodies were the best things to come out of the whole Alexandra Wallace debacle.

h/t: Anonymous tipster

*This had better not be a real thing.

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