CNN Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown: Koreatown Los Angeles

I’ve lived in LA’s Koreatown for a few years and driven up and down its streets on a daily basis for over a decade. I’ve got some of my own favorite little haunts on this corner and that strip mall, where the soondubu is mind-numbingly good, the bibimbap is to die for, and the karaoke selection includes awesome amazing songs like “Happy Birthday Dear My Friend”. So to see the streets where I have the sidewalk gum stain patterns and pothole locations practically memorized shown as an “exotic destination” on the CNN Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown seems initially laughable. At the same time, I am acutely aware of the absolutely unique mixture of people that create this entity known as “Koreatown” and the greater “Los Angeles”, and I am so spoiled by this mixture of diversity that every other place I go to in the world comes off to me as “missing something”. I’m definitely pleased to see these neighborhoods being showcased, potholes and all, because clearly, SGV isn’t the only delicious region in Southern California.

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