Asian Pacific American Media Coalition Protests “CHINK”

So if you name your movie “CHINK“, someone’s bound to get upset right? And more likely than not, it’s going to be someone from the Asian American community. It wasn’t surprising, then for me to find out that Stanley Young, Quentin Lee, and our very own 8Asians Koji Steven Sakai, producers of the film, received a letter from the Asian Pacific American Media Coalition (APAMC) protesting the title of their movie CHINK. As seen on, their reason for calling them out on the title was that having “chink” in the title was too de-contextualized and would end up spreading the derogatory term instead of educating people about it. I agree with the points in the response letter to APAMC the CHINK producers wrote. I also just think that it’s simply silly to censor the title of the movie because haters will be haters, racists will be racists, and if a movie entitled “chink” causes Americans and others to think it’s okay to use the term in a derogatory way to hurt and abuse others, then GOOD. I want them to do it, because I want such stupidity to show itself so that we can hold their feet to the fire. Let’s air the dirty laundry in the moldy corners of racist and ignorant minds so we can clean it up. Pass me a bottle of vinegar, I’m going to stock up for the cleansing.

h/t Joz

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