National Film Society Debuts Cookie Monster’s ‘Karate Kid’ Parody: ‘The Biscotti Kid’

I have been a huge fan of National Film Society since they began, but it wasn’t until this moment when I became seriously jealous of these guys.

They got to hang out with Cookie Monster as he debuted Hollywood movie parody films under his “Crumby Pictures” banner!

They are on a first name basis with Cookie Monster!!

They were the first to see Cookie Monster’s parody of Karate Kid, The Biscotti Kid!!!

They landed themselves on the front page of Mashable!!!!

Ok, that’s enough exclamation points for now. You can watch the whole The Biscotti Kid, featuring a Muppet Mr. Miyagi! (last exclamation point, I swear).

Snacks on. Snacks off. Indeed.

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