Asian American Commercial Watch: Asian Family – BMW 3 Series Diesel TV Commercial

A friend of mine posted this on my Facebook Timeline the other day, as he knows I blog for 8Asians. I haven’t seen this BMW commercial air on television, but my friend says he’s seen it locally in the San Francisco Bay Area Mornings on 2 on KTVU a few times.

BMW_Diesel_Coming_Clean_WM_AF_commercialIn the commercial, you see a white guy with his Korean American girlfriend Jenny and her family, wanting to speak with his girlfriend’s father. Of course, this may turn off some people, and as I have blogged before, the most common and familiar mixed race couple to be highlighted in a television commercial is the White Male / Asian Female (WM/AF) combination. In any case, the man approaches nervously to Jenny’s father, wanting to the father for her hand in marriage – but clearly, Jenny’s father has a look of concern or disapproval, so the man quickly changes the topic to the fact they decided to buy a diesel BMW, with the tag line of the commercial, “It’s time to come clean.” The father looks relieved when learning about the car and not meeting his potential son-in-law (yet…) and are seen driving the freeway together in the BMW with downtown Los Angeles in the background.

What I found interesting about the commercial was there was some Korean being spoken very briefly in the beginning of the commercial. Also, there is a girl or woman (possibly Jenny’s sister?) playing the piano in the background. Additionally, the commercial is set in Los Angeles, where the largest Korean American population is in America – so I wouldn’t be surprised if many Korean fathers have experience this awkward situation with their daughters and their boyfriends, no matter what their race may be.

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