Sullivan & Son Episode Review: “Luck of the Half-Irish”

Season 3, Episode 5 (originally aired July 15): “Luck of the Half-Irish”?

sullivan_3_5_1Microsynopsis: NASCAR racer Brad Keselowski returns for a second guest-star appearance, winning his first race in months after sitting on a barstool in Sullivan & Son. The patrons (old and new) are convinced that the stool must be lucky, so Ok Cha begins charging people for the privilege of sitting upon it. Steve tries to convince everyone, to no avail, that there is no such thing as manipulating luck.

Good: There’s plenty of Melanie, who gets to wear a pair of Jimmy Choos. That’s about it.

sullivan_3_5_2Bad: While there’s not much about this episode that’s very good, there’s not much that’s very bad. I could do with fewer guest stars, but I’ve been complaining about that since last season.

Hapa moment: The title of this episode is its most hapa moment.

Overall: This episode is so forgettable that when I watched it the second time several days later, I remembered none of it from the first time except a joke Melanie makes about who gives her the expensive shoes.

Final grade, this episode: C minus.

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