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Sullivan & Son Episode Review: “About a Boy, His Mom, and the Man They’re Dating”

Season 3, Episode 3: “About a Boy, His Mom, and the Man They’re Dating” (originally aired July 1, 2014) Microsynopsis: Carol is at first shocked and then pleased to realize that Daryl (Charles Shaughnessy) has become her boyfriend. Owen is … Continue reading

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Traveling Taiwan: Houtong Cat Village (part 16 out of 24)

It’s an understatement to say I have a soft spot for cats. So when I heard that Taiwan had a village full of cats, my trip simply would not be complete without visiting the Houtong Cat Village. Upon arrival at … Continue reading

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‘A Day in the Life of Asian Pacific America 2014’ Exhibit Opens on the 4th of July

On May 10, 2014, over 500 people captured more than 2,000 moments through a collection of photos and films for the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center. The result, after curation, is today’s opening of A Day in the Life of … Continue reading

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“Kuma,” A Short Story, Part 1 of 3

Please Note: This story is fictional and was originally intended for a children’s book.  Kuma  Eddy Murakami’s10th birthday was on July 4, 1941 and he knew he wanted a dog.  He even had a name picked out already.  The dog’s name was … Continue reading

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Sullivan & Son Episode Review: “The Big O” and “Everybody Loved Frank”

Sullivan & Son is now in its third season, and it’s time to admit that it’s just not very good.  It doesn’t suck most of the time, but it has sucky pieces in sufficient numbers to make it never as … Continue reading

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Betty Yee Comes in Second in California State Controller 2014 Primary Race If you follow California politics, you may have been following the California State Controller’s race. John Chiang, the current state controller is terming out. California now has an open primary – where voters can vote, even if they are … Continue reading

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