Former Mythbuster Grant Imahara Answers: ‘What are McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets Made of?’

I saw this article posted via Facebook on a tech blog called Boy Genius Report and felt compelled to watch the McDonald’s YouTube video, Our food. Your questions. What are McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets made of?

From this Forbes article, McDonald’s is doing this social media effort for the following reasons:

McDonalds_Grant_Imahara“In an effort to convince a skeptical public that McDonald’s sells “real” food, they recently launched “Our Food. Your Questions,” an initiative in which McDonald asks people to submit any and all questions it has about its food. The answers to these questions are then provided online, often supported by videos featuring Grant Imahara (formerly of the show MythBusters) as an unbiased third party seeking to push the truth forward and dispel many of those old myths. … Much like Domino’s did a few years back and JCPenney has done more recently, McDonald’s is realizing people aren’t lovin’ its food like they did in its hey-day. This campaign represents both a big risk and potentially a big return for a business that continues to miss expectations. In late October, McDonald’s reported a loss of market share and its fourth straight quarter of negative same-store sales in its U.S. operations. Analysts are now predicting that 2014 will be the first year of negative global same-store sales since 2002.”

I actually like McDonald’s McNuggets and would eat them even if they are unhealthy … To be honest, I wasn’t too sure who the Asian American host of this video was, and had to Google the name Grant Imahara, and had discovered that he is best known for being a host (or former host) of the popular Mythbusters television program.

In general, I think most Americans, including myself, would not want to eat what we eat if we actually knew how everything was made! 🙂


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