8Links: Asian American Filmmakers Storm Sundance, and the Story Behind Soy Sauce Packets


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If there is a national “Not All Asian Dudes Look Alike Day” then actor Steve Yeun should be its spokesman. [Pajiba]

Over in Japan, there may soon be a law forcing workers to take at least five days of vacation ever year. [The Atlantic]

Sarinya Srisakul is New York City’s only female Asian-American firefighter. [NBC News]

2015 appears to be a landmark year for Asian-American filmmakers at the Sundance Film Festival [YOMYOMF]

“Culturally, we are in an ice age,” he said. “We don’t even have fire. We don’t even have the wheel. If this can be the first wheel, maybe others can make three more.” Then, he added, “we can get an axle and build a rice rocket.” This profile of Eddie Huang by Wesley Yang is a must-read. [New York Times Magazine]

Everything has an origin story, even soy sauce packets. [The Atlantic]

A Brief, Weird History Of Squashed Asian-American TV Shows [NPR Code Switch]

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