Girlfriend Finder Fee: US$10,000

daterenWe have talked about dating difficulties before, but Ren You’s approach has gotten a lot of publicity lately, as he is offering US$10,000 dollars to anyone who can find him a girlfriend.  To get the $10,000, people have to wait for Ren to date the suggested girl for a minimum of 6 months.   You, an investment banker who recently moved to Birmingham, Alabama, says his long 12 hours days make it inefficient to do the bar scene, online dating, or suggestions from friends, all of which he has tried.  I don’t know how hard it would be for an Asian American man to get a date or girlfriend in Birmingham Alabama, but I would have expected this kind of thing first in Silicon Valley.  Maybe someone already has.

Those interested in trying to get the $10,000 can go to a dedicated web site that he set up:  Women are free to nominate themselves.

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