ESPYs 2015: Ken Jeong “Apologies” on behalf of Alex Rodriguez


Recently, the ESPYs (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award) show aired, and as part of that show, there was a comedic bit in between presenting the awards where actor Ken Jeong apologies on behalf of Alex Rodriguez for all sort of things except the obvious:

“Alex Rodriguez may not have been invited to the MLB All-Star Game on Tuesday, but he was front and center at the ESPYs on Wednesday. In one segment, the recently returned New York Yankee came out on stage flanked by comedian Ken Jeong, who announced he was hired to read a statement of apology from A-Rod. …  Jeong said on behalf of A-Rod, “To anyone who has watched ‘The Hangover,’ I’m sorry you had to see Ken Jeong’s pe…,” well, you can watch the video if you really want to know. The real punch line here, of course, is that A-Rod never apologized for using performance enhancing drugs that led MLB to ban him from baseball for a year.”

I’m not a huge fan of Jeong’s character that made him famous in The Hangover, Mr. Chow. And in the above comedic interlude, Jeong apologies to everyone for having to see his “tiny, grossley mis-shappened and unpatriotic penis” in The Hangover – whatever that means. I’ve seen various postings on Facebook referencing how insulting  – this was coming from an Asian American male given the stereotype. What do you think?

Jeong also did plugged his new TV show premiering this fall, Dr. Ken, which I had no problems with, since it looks promising and hopefully Jeong’s portrayal of a doctor and his family life (essentially his life), is more of a realistic portrayal of an everyday character than his manic personalities he’s played in the past. When Jeong is discussing his wife when she battled cancer, I see the more serious and real side of Jeong, and hope to see him play more non-manic characters. It’ll be interesting to see how Ken comes across in Dr. Ken as a doctor and family man.

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