Why Asian Americans don’t vote Republican Why Are Asian-Americans Such Loyal Democrats?

In early November, these two articles – ‘Why Are Asian-Americans Such Loyal Democrats?’ and ‘Why Asian Americans don’t vote Republican’ were published within days of each other (by coincidence) by the New York Times and the Washington post respectively, which I found interesting.

According to the Why Are Asian-Americans Such Loyal Democrats?, I found this analysis the most interesting:

vote_by_democratic_candidates_by_race“Jewish support for Democrats is similar to that of Asian-Americans. According to Pew, 70 percent of Jews identify themselves as Democrats or lean toward the Democratic Party, and 22 percent are Republican or lean Republican. Asian-Americans share with blacks, Hispanics and Jews an experience of previously marginalized status and social exclusion. These four constituencies also share a belief that a commitment to hard work and self-reliance does not conflict with a belief in a strong government and a reliable safety net.”

In the Washington Post, the conclusion as to why Asian American’s don’t vote Republican was based on an academic study and experimental analysis:

“We posit that rhetoric from Republicans insinuating that nonwhite “takers” are taking away from white “makers,” as well as their strong anti-immigrant positions, has cultivated a perception that the Republican Party is less welcoming of minorities. Since the Democratic Party is seen as less exclusionary, we find that triggering feelings of social exclusion makes Asian Americans favor Democrats.”

Given the rhetoric, especially by Trump on Mexicans and his desire to build a wall along the U.S. – Mexico border, and recent anti-Syrian refugee/anti-Muslim hysteria propagated by the Republican Party presidential candidates, it’s no surprise that Asian Americans lean more Democratic and avoid even considering voting for Republicans.


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