Asian American Commercial Watch: Jane Kim for California State Senate (District 11) – “Fight”

Full disclosure: I’m a friend and have a lot of mutual friends with Jane Kim, and know her initially through a former 8Asians blogger (who used to be roommates with her). I think I may have donated to some of her past campaigns as well (though I generally don’t for people I can’t vote for).

I’ve blogged about Jane before, and attended her campaign kickoff when she first ran for San Francisco¬†District 6 city supervisor back in 2010, and was impressed with her impassioned speech¬†– made me proud to be a Democrat. Jane¬†is now running for¬†the California State Senate, for¬†District 11 (the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area). And she recently shared¬†her first campaign ad on Facebook¬†which is¬†now available on YouTube, titled “Fight”:

“Throughout Jane Kim’s career, she has made it her priority to stand up for working families and residents who might not otherwise have a voice in government. We need representatives in Sacramento who will fight for all of us. Join Jane Kim’s fight for California’s families at¬†”


And fight she does! The ad shows her changing from her professional attire, putting her heeled shoes into her locker, and the her practicing¬†Taekwondo and kicking ass! And informs the viewer that she has a black belt in Taekwondo and is fighting for the middle class. A nice contrast to what one might think of a stereotypically meek Asian woman and she’s ready to fight for the common man and woman in the California statehouse. If there was an blog/site, I’d hope that person would use this image from her commercial as her site logo (as the site logo for is a Bruce Lee action figure):


When I first saw¬†Jane’s commercial posted, I really wanted the soundtrack to be that of Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song”:

But I imagine getting the rights to that song would be pretty expensive … I don’t know much about Jane’s political race and opponents, but I doubt that any of them will fight as hard for what’s right for her constituents. ¬†I certainly wouldn’t want to fight Jane – I only two semesters of ¬†Taekwondo in college for my Physical Education requirement (the classes had the most flexible schedules – classes 7 days a week) and never tried getting beyond white belt …

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