Michelle Waterson Submitted by Rose Namajunas at UFC on Fox 24


#6 ranked UFC women’s Strawweight Michelle “The Karate Hottie” Waterson had a lot of momentum going into UFC on Fox 24.  She had previously defeated Page VanZant, and there was an online poll to see who she should fight after that.  At UFC event, she went up against #4 ranked Rose “Thug” Namajunas.   Namajunas caught her flush in the head with a kick in the second round and later submitted her with a rear naked choke.

In the first round, Waterson tried the same head and arm throw that worked against Paige VanZant, but Namajunas was cleared prepared for it, hooking Waterson’s leg and then taking her back.   The second round kick to her head was very accurate and dropped her, and although Waterson seemed to recover, she was eventually choked out.  If I was a fighter, I am not sure I would have brought my kid or my mom to watch my fights (see highlight video) – nice if you win, but not so nice if you lose.  Namajunas is looking for a title shot after her excellent performance.  Waterson reports that she is healthy despite some bumps and bruises, and that it’s time to get back to work.

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