8Tracks Review: Priska’s “Fly the Coop” Single and Video

I used to stand inside the gates

Priska premiered her new single and accompanying music video last Thursday, following its launch party and performance the previous Saturday.

I became aware of her when I reviewed Voices of Our Vote a year and a half ago.  I wrote that among the 32 artists in the anthology, her “Don’t Go Quietly” was “my favorite vocal on the compilation, and my favorite lyrics, too … Think Sarah McLachlan after a few drinks, with an acoustic guitar and just enough harmonica to make you want to call your ex.”

Last week, I said one of the tracks on Jennifer Zhang’s new EP would make you want to text your ex, leading me to think I may need to confront myself about an issue I seem to have with wanting to reach out to former girlfriends.  For now, I’m going to call it a favorite literary trope.

Running toward the boundary line

If the video doesn’t remind you of Fleetwood Mac’s “Hold Me,” you’re probably much younger than me, because I thought of it several times.  The mirrors in the desert concept is fine, if slightly baffling for this video.  However, the red thread theme is pretty cool, bringing to mind Theseus and his escape from the Labyrinth, which has an extra layer of niftiness since the Labyrinth on Crete was designed by Daedalus, who escaped with his son Icarus, and this song is called “Fly the Coop.”  Serendipity, baby!  Or maybe not serendipity at all, but still appealing.

It doesn’t please me to say that Priska’s acting in this video is awkward, but I honestly don’t care because her singing is good.  It’s fine when she’s singing the words, but that running round in the sand doesn’t work for her, although I admit I don’t know how awkward anyone would look running through sand while wearing a nice dress.  The edits are nicely done.  Honestly, I might have preferred just a straightforward concert video.

Tonight I fly the coop

Hello!  Can we just meditate on that last high note Priska hits on “coo-oo-oop” at the beginning of the chorus?  And the note on “you” in “catch me if you can” in the second and third choruses?

Her singing style reminds me of a more soulful, better-voiced Edie Brickell with its sense of longing where she breaks certain lines into thinner vocals, although Priska has a lot more substance in the lower notes and a purer tone in the higher notes.  I am a fan of her singing.  I also admit I don’t know a lot about singing and if you hear something different, I’d love to know your thoughts.

Buy the music here on Amazon.  It’s also available on CD Baby but if our referral link is still working, maybe you can throw a few pennies at your favorite editor.

I know there’s more for me

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And this super nice cover of “Rewrite the Stars” from The Greatest Showman, which if you haven’t seen you really must.

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