A Short Review: Float

Disney+ launched this week, and everyone is raving about the hundreds of movies and tv shows available for streaming.  These are the same ones that we 90’s kids grew up watching. Who wouldn’t be excited?

The Disney channel was a staple in my household and a huge part of my childhood. While the nostalgia and excitement kicked in, I was mostly looking forward to one Pixar short in particular – Float. Float is part of the Sparkshorts series, about a Filipino dad who finds out that his son has the ability to float. This short is directed and brought to life by Bobby Rubio, a Filipino American whose idea stemmed from his relationship with his own son. This is huge!

Growing up as a Filipino American, I didn’t see characters that looked like me, let alone represent my identity. When I first found out about Float, I was ecstatic. I told myself, “it was about time we see faces and stories like ours on screen!” Pixar and Disney are platforms that will make an impact across the globe, and this is just the beginning!

Like any Pixar film, there are Easter eggs. One being the mug with a print of the Philippine flag, and another right next to it is a San Diego sign.  Both of which are a nod to the director who grew up in Paradise Hills, San Diego. I couldn’t help but smile at the fact that the father and son both have prominent facial features that resemble Filipinos. While not all Filipinos look like them, it’s a sense of familiarity because it’s highly likely that we know of a family or friend who reminds us of these characters.

Filipinos and Filipino Americans have been widely misrepresented and underrepresented in media, and it’s so crucial for us to continue creating and make sure our stories exist. So any time I see Filipinos and Filipino Americans work, I make sure that I support the work by sharing it because if we don’t, who will? If you haven’t already, make sure to check out Bobby Rubio’s short on Disney+ today!

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Decerry Donato graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Literary Journalism and a minor in Asian American studies from the University of California Irvine. Today she continues to write stories aiming to inform the community about issues and events surrounding people of color. Decerry spends her free time at coffee shops or you can find her sifting through the racks at your local thrift store. She also enjoys traveling, hiking, and performing spoken word.
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