Asian Rapper DESTROYS Model Minority Myth

I saw this rap on Facebook recently and was shocked that this was published last July 2020 and had not gone viral (as I last saw it had less than 1,200 views). ‘Matt R. Fact‘ does a brilliant job of summarizing Asian Americans’ history of suffering discrimination and the origins and perpetuation of the ‘Model Minority’ Myth in a 5:47 rap/music video:

“Did you know the “model minority myth” about Asians being a uniformly successful and historically accepted ethnic group isn’t true? Did you know this myth is also a tool to perpetuate and justify racism towards other minority groups? Watch this video to learn why, and see the myth be debunked (and perhaps for the first time in rap form). Share it if you like it!

As far as I’m concerned, every Asian American, let alone, American, needs to watch this rap video to educate themselves a little bit! I’m just so impressed as how much ‘Matt R. Fact’ crams into his rap and how he’s able to rap it so well. I hope you share it and make the video viral!

I’m going to have to check out his other videos on YouTube.


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