Ms Marvel Episode 3 Review: Destined (Minor Spoilers)

When I first the saw this official clip, I really wanted to see episode 3 of Ms. Marvel, Destined. It has nothing to do with superheroes, but that is part of the charm of the show. Here are some of my thoughts on the episode below (some minor spoilers below).

One of the highlights of this series is the interaction of Kamala Khan with her family and community.  Almost as important are storylines about her family and community that don’t include Kamala.  I really liked the way they are building a world around her by fleshing out the characters in her life.  I also was fascinated by the scenes from a Muslim wedding – I had never seen one before.

As this is the MCU, there are reveals about the origin of her powers.  There are also a number of characters that pop up that may or may not be the ultimate villains in the show.  It’s not clear who the true bad guys are (a typical MCU series trope), but that is another feature of the show that pulls you in.

This episode adroitly mixes in humor along with some themes.  A favorite instance was Kamala’s sister-in-law complementing another bride from a completely different tradition at their common wedding venue. It also served to show one of the show’s consistent themes – that we are often more alike than different.

Despite review bombing, Ms Marvel is rated highly by critics and audiences as shown on Rotten Tomatoes. The Wife and I go along with those ratings and highly recommend this series. Episode 4 of Ms. Marvel will be available on Wednesday June 29 on Disney+.

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