Chosen: The Story of Five Korean Americans who ran for Congress

Chosen is a documentary by Joseph Hoo Juhn about five Korean Americans, two Republicans and three Democrats, who ran for the US Congress in 2020.  We have written about a number of them, such Michelle Steel, Young Kim, and Marilyn StricklandAndy Kim of New Jersey is famous for the picture of him cleaning up the capitol after the January 6 riot. The one I did not know about is David Kim, who ran for the seat in a district that represents LA Koreatown but did not win.

A key theme of the film is about representation.  In this article, Juhn notes that after a showing, a high school student came up to him and said:

“Watching your film, I felt like I was seen on the screen for the first time.”

The filmmaker has been on a tour in the US showing his film, and he has also secured a showing in South Korea. The next showing will be on October 6 from 6-9 PM in Wilshire Presbyterian Church and the evening after that at UCLA. See his kickerstarter update page for ongoing updates.


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